Apache HTTP Server

Overview of New Features in Apache 2.0

New features with this release, as extensions of the Apache functionality. Because the core code has changed so significantly, there are certain liberties that earlier versions of Apache (and the NCSA daemon) took that recent Apache versions are pickier about - when Apache 2.0 is released, there will be more notes on how to correct those issues.

Enhancements: Core | Performance | Configuration | Modules | API | Misc

Core Enhancements:

New Build System
The entire build system has been completely redesigned to take advantage of autoconf and libtool. This makes it more likely that DSO's will work on more systems.
Improved Portability
Apache now takes advantage of native system calls on all supported platforms. This improves performance and reduces bugs.
Apache 2.0 has the option of being multi-process and multi-threaded on most platforms.
Apache Portable Runtime
The Apache Portable Runtime allow Apache to easily port to more and more systems. This has however caused a major code re-organization.

Apache HTTP Server