Apache HTTP Server

Overview of new features

API Changes

A few changes to the Apache API were made for 1.1. It is possible that some third-party modules will no longer work with 1.1, though we have made every effort to provide backwards-compatibility. If you encounter a module that does not work with 1.1, please let us know.

New Features with Apache 1.1

New features with this release, as extensions of the Apache functionality (see also more detailed CHANGES file in the source directory.) Because the core code has changed so significantly, there are certain liberties that earlier versions of Apache (and the NCSA daemon) took that recent Apache versions are pickier about - please check the compatibility notes if you have any problems.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and internal performance enhancements, Apache 1.1 has the following specific new user features:

New Authentication Modules

Note: These modules are not compiled into the server by default, as they require special support on the host system. They must be enabled specifically in the Configuration file.

OS/2 Support

Apache now includes support for OS/2, thanks to Softlink Services.

Apache HTTP Server